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Motor DVR
Around View Monitor
FishEye Camera
Driving System
Rearview Camera
DC-DC Adapter
|-DC-DC converter
|-Step-UP Adapter
|-Car Charger
|-USB Car Charger
|-Car Charger
|-Step-UP charger
DC-DC power supply
|-POE Adapter
|-USB charger for electric vehicles
Battery charge IC
|-Multi-Cell Li+ Battery Charger
|-LA Battery Charger
|-LiFePO4 Battery Charger
|-NIMH Battery Charger
AC-DC Adapter
Product Design


  FaiYuen Electronics (HK) Co.,Ltd.is a manufacturer specialized in producing Driving Recorder,Car DVR, Around View Monitor,ar Cameras,Car Rear View System and Wireless Monitor System.It has made a stablized development with their excellent professional technology,advanced production facilities,scientific management,and the efforts of all members of the company.   Currently,we make......

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